Link : how display hand cursor?


In the Action Inspector, I created links and set the hand cursor.

But when I publish my animation, it’s the arrow cursor that appears.

Note: the hand cursor is displayed for one second when a link is hovered but disappears immediately.

Tests: Safari + Chrome + Firefox, and other .oam animations

Regards (69.4 KB)

Hi Pierre!

If the screenshot below is correctly referencing your description above then I had success with Safari, Chrome, Firefox, & Opera in both Hype’s Preview mode & Export (local, not on a server).

The “hand” cursor (in Hype & CSS called a “pointer” cursor) was displayed continuously during a hover over any of the links.

MacOS High Sierra (10.43.4) & Hype (3.6.8 Build 598).

Note: I’m am not sure what You mean by “publish” - as in upload to a server? If Preview & local export work properly - as with my trials - but uploading to server does not then something is amiss; there is another style in the cascade overriding your selection in Hype.


Same here - in Chrome, Safari and Firefox on Mac Mojave - everything works fine in the preview.

Thank you very much for this test but I don’t know why it does not work on my mac (osx El captain 10.11.6)…

fwiw, I fired up a VM running macOS 10.11.6 and the hand cursor showed up in Safari as I’d expect.

Ok Jonathan,

I just tested now and it works on all browsers, I do not understand what has changed, I have not made any updates.

thanks a lot for your help

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