Lines in exported animated gif

(Kimberly Aguilar) #1

I exported as animated gif- 1200x1200 and lines appear in the image.


Is the size of your scene 1200x1200? If not, I recommend scaling your animation so it’s larger. (It would be great to see a document)

(Kimberly Aguilar) #3

yes the scene is 1200x1200

(Kimberly Aguilar) #4 (56.2 KB)

(Kimberly Aguilar) #5

Actually I noticed when I refreshed the screen the lines go away- but then come back.
Could this be a browser or screen resolution issue?


It very well could be. I can’t reproduce it (iMac Retina) – one thing that you could try is unchecking ‘Use Webkit Graphics Acceleration’. If that doesn’t remove the lines during export, try checking ‘Position with CSS left/top’ – both of these options are in the document inspector.

(Kimberly Aguilar) #7

Ok I’ll give that a try- thanks