Linegraph in a symbol using morris.js - update Data

Hallo, i want to implement a Chart-Graph using a jquery-modul called morris.js.
I call the modul with a external javascript and the Graph element goes to a symbol in the hype documet. But if i want to update the data from the Linegraph, a new linegraph would be draw. How can i implement the data update only from my first linegraph without drawing a second one.

here are the project-files.
(the project save-name ist PieCharts, but it is only a Linegraph :slight_smile: ) (55.9 KB)

Thank all for help.

look into the setData() method. This should update the chart and redraw it.

Thank you very much. I realise it.
And if there is anyone interesseted in for it, here comes the working project-files.
I use for better overview in this project for all functions a external .js-File. (55.8 KB)

Thanks for sharing @gemaja , how very helpful!