Lighthouse rotating light effect


For a sailing school and for internal training purposes. I am trying to create animation of an lighthouse with its rotating light. I am just new to hype and I found the way to create just like a circle and make fade effect to simulate the rotation but I wondering if there is a more professional way of creating that special lighthouse rotating lighting effect and be able to customize the type of lighting depending on the lighthouse characteristics since everyone of them has its own rotation tempo.

To better advise you it might be good if you could post the work you’ve done now or any examples of similar lighthouse animations; I can imagine there are many different views (top-down, 3D, etc.) on this.

One thing that might be a cool effect is incorporating the use of Hype’s Backdrop Filter Effects. These could be made to increase the brightness of objects the light is shining on.

Another technique would be to use shapes that are black and partially transparent in the foreground to make everything but the lit area dark.