Letter spacing Smooth Animation

Would you ever consider having letter spacing smoothing applied when animating the property? If you look at the animation It feels staggered towards the end if the animation is prolonged, I get it it's not a regular "animatable" property a weird request for sure as this property is meant for font editing but if there's a chance it would be nice.

I noticed if animation is shorter the staggering is less obvious as font pixel adjustment is quicker which means it's faster but it doesn't mean there is no stagger.

SunsetAnimation.zip (25.0 KB)


This is possible to do with GSAP setting the autoRound to false, which allows to animate on sub-pixel level.

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Hmmm, I feel like letter spacing used to only take integer values, but now it appears it can animate with fractional values just fine. I'll need to do a little testing on older browsers to make sure it won't break anything, but this will be a quick fix if there's no problems there.

Thanks for the request!

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You probably overlooked this as a property that can be animated :smiley: in any event, I see this effect being abused by final cut users as its one of the premade 3d titles, here's another example of it being prolonged to 9 seconds you can see it wants to end me with that choppiness :slight_smile: btw, notice the space that's generated after the letter T's because of the empty space its treated as part of a letter thereby it off centers the animation and I had to move the text bounding box to the left and it goes heywire with the bounding box size. - remove the left origin animation the box will go back to being normal looking.

the effect.zip (18.1 KB)

That is an ancient realization revived :slight_smile:


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I'm not sure what you mean, this is an animatable property. The issue is that we deliberately forced the numbers to be integer values and not fractional values for browser compatibility a while ago. Modern browsers now support fractional values.

What I did overlook was there was already a feature request from @MaxZieb long ago :sweat_smile:.

I'm not really sure I follow. I did a test of making it without the Origin (Left) animation, and I still don't see anything that seems off? (orange = no left animation, blue is with left animation). Maybe you can elaborate on what you mean or annotate some screen shots with what you see vs what you expect?

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Ahh I said "probably"? :joy: Didn't say you overlooked. :smiling_face: Thanks for the breakdown though.


what happened to the bounding text box? I only key framed it to animate to the right to make the words appear centered hence "Origin Left"

The "T" at the end of the word "Effect" generates a space
Screenshot 2024-04-18 at 5.21.44 PM

As for whatever @MaxZieb requested long ago I have no way of knowing when, why, or if its directly related to what I was asking :slight_smile:

Fractional values on letter-spacing is the relation.

Thank you for the detailed info and a possible tweak.

This is live in Hype v4.1.17 available now.

Letter Spacing and Word Spacing should be smoothly animating.


Thank you and you're welcome Hype is running smoother :wink: in the modern times

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