Learning Pro Version

I’ve just upgraded to the Pro version. Can’t seem to find many tutorials on how to use it.

Other than the standard documentation, are there any good Hype tutorial sites around?

Hi AngelArs!

While there are a variety of tutorial sites I do not know of a tutorial site off-hand that specifically segments Hype Pro.

Tutorials on HypeDocs, YouTube, etc. seem to be either overviews or general “how-to’s” that would employ a variety of Hype’s features - not just Pro’s. Still might be worth sorting through - for instance here’s one on Hype Pro’s Physics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jf0r3jzGyUA

@Photics has written “A Book About Hype” however that does feature this segmentation:
This link will display the Table of Contents a short ways from the top.

In addition to a dedicated chapter on Hype Pro roughly half the book covers features utilized specifically by HypePro (this is a “seat of the pants” guess). Even though You are upgrading, rather than new to Hype, it is $15.00 well spent IMO ~ additionally You will be helping to support the Hype community… a succesful pub might lead to others creating something else valuable along these lines - we can always use more!

Another approach (or in addition to) would be to go to the Hype Pro page: http://tumult.com/hype/pro/

About half way down there is a listing of Hype Pro’s unique features. Make a list of features You wish to learn and go through the online Documentation http://tumult.com/hype/documentation/3.0/ that covers each one. Often there are links in the Documentation that further demonstrate~explore the feature being discussed.

These same topics are covered in the forum, of course, though are usually aimed at a solution to a problem rather than a full explication of a particular feature; but after reading through at least one of the two suggestions above, the Forum will prove to be to be extremely helpful.

Hi @AngelArs here you can find also some templates