Layouts using elements from scene, without duplicating them

It seems a good approach to layouts would be to allow the user to only use the elements within the scene its connected too. But being able to place, resize, those elements differently in each layout.

This would save a lot of work, especially with unique ids, which you need to change for each layout, and then the code.

Of course you cannot have duplicate IDs, so when it’s exported and hosted, it knows the screen size, and loads the correct layout, leaving the others out, so not in the browser stack.

Is this possible ?

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Thanks, that’s useful feedback to know! When developing the multiple layouts feature, we considered the idea that all elements would be the same. However this breaks down very fast - some layouts would have elements others wouldn’t have. Managing all the hiding/showing per layout and choosing the right sets would be cumbersome and make documents harder to grasp. Also, there is the case that you could have an element with the same purpose but different contents - like a “Hype Professional” text label might be shortened to “Hype Pro” on a smaller layout. So it’ll be nice at some time, and painful at other times.

Instead, our current recommendation would be to compose layouts using symbols when and where content can be duplicated.

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Jonathan, how does that affect loading?