Layouts make file size bigger

When add layouts, file size comes bigger any solution to keep size like without layouts?

Which files are you referring to?

If you mean the images - you’re correct that Hype’s automatic resizing will go off of a bigger image since we don’t know specifically what the browser size will be (and it can change dynamically). You could potentially make your own sizes of images and use them in different layouts.

If you mean the _hype_generated_script.js file, then this is bigger simply because there is more data for the other layouts and can’t really be changed.

I mean the hypergenerated and if I correct understand the loading time of site will be longer?

Yes, this file will be larger the more data your document requires. Though if your server supports gzip, there won’t be a 1:1 ratio of layouts:file size due to compression.

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Ok, thanks Daniel.