Layouts Issue on mobile

There is an issue I am having with the layouts in Hype. On the preview section of Hype and when viewing from a computer/desktop browser, the layout for the phone and tablet are changing as they should, and the mobile size works perfectly. But on any type of phones (androids and iphones) the layout is the one for the tablet not the phone. Is this a known issue and how can I solve it? Thanks!

Here is the file too: (330.9 KB)

To clarify, are you referring to iPhone landscape showing the iPad (768-1380px) layout, or does this show in portrait mode for you? (I see the iPhone layout when in portrait mode).

I am referring to the actual phone’s layout having the iPads, the portrait mode works on the desktop browser too but not on actual phones.

Hmm, for me the portrait shows properly in the portrait orientation. Can you let me know which iPhone models and iOS versions you are using? (and if there are any other testing differences than just opening the page via HTTP server in Mobile Safari?)