Layouts, Changes made in one layout effects the other

Completed my main animation layout for laptops. choose my screen size for mobiles in layouts the issue I am having is that any changes to the animation within the mobile layout effects the main animation layout. I am using grouping for body symbols for sub-selector than buttons for the destination selector.

  1. Is there a trick to stop this?
  2. Any tutorials for indepth of layouts?

Help would be greatly appreciated.

are you talking about persistant hypesymbols¿

that's expected behavior.

otherwise you may provide a samplehypefile to examine ...

Sounds like he ran into the same trouble, (or equal to), as I did a bit ago having a first go at creating a layout for multiple devices and screen sizes.

Simply put, when I make changes into say, my mobile layout, the change appears also in my desktop and tablet layout. :thinking:

Here's the funny stuff, I just tried this out in a quick new document. Added a square and a ellipse, created a phone, desktop and tablet layout and moved things in each layout around. In each the change I made was layout depended and did not travel over to any other layout.

So I open up the document I encountered the problem and moving an image in a symbol in my iPad layout, moved the image in the desktop layout (1200px and up) BUT not in the iPhone layout.
Likewise when I simply add a square from the menu to my phone layout it appears only in my phone layout. But when I add a square to my iPad layout it appears in my desktop layout as well!

There's something we both are missing here, and its driving me nuts. :grimacing:

Symbols are a "backing" and each element on a scene/layout is an instance that shares this data.

Symbols specifically exist so that changes made in the symbol are reflected in all instances of that symbol. One of the main purposes is so that you can have identical information on different layouts. Persistent Symbols differ in that at runtime they will continue to stay alive across different layouts/scenes (but with these you can only have one instance on a given scene/layout).

If you want different content on different layouts, then you should either not use symbols, or make a duplicate of the symbol so that the individual instances have a different backing. This is done via the Symbol > Duplicate menu (Edit > Duplicate would create a new instance).

When you create a new layout, a smaller layout is fully duplicated into the new layout. The duplication process makes new instances of symbols. Therefore the backing is by default shared across the layouts. If you edit in one place it will edit in all. So if you don't want this behavior, you'd need to duplicate/have a new symbol backing in the layout.

Can you post a copy..
Not sure I gave ever seen this behaviour outside of symbols.

Thank you so much that solved the issue. Duplicated into a new group named it to say @375 and adjusted accordingly. Ps when adjusting to viewport don't adjust it specifically for that response but think it like CSS @media that will cast a larger net. again thank you so much and response time was amazing

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