Layout shifts in export


Hi All,

I must be missing something simple here but…

On the attached image I have the layout we’ve been working on on the left and on the right the export as seen in Chrome. What I can’t seem to work out is how/why some of the elements are shifting in the manner they are, especially the buttons where the red ‘indicator’ is positioned correctly but the button itself has narrowed and shortened.

Any ideas out there?

Thanks in advance.


(Greg) #2

It might be your font sizes, it looks like they wrapping into two lines


Hey Gasspence,

Ya, tried that but made no difference. Also does not account why the button shrinks like it does…

(james koh) #4

@elevenvelo i had similar problem too.
crome seems to have bigger font size or shows bigger than hype.
making the font size smaller worked for me.
but i suggest not to use textured button.
try to use text and textured button separately.
this is all i can say.
hope this helped.


Thanks Jameskoh.

I’ve ended up doing the elements at png images files. They are so small it’s not an issue and they are a lot safer in terms of making sure they appear like they should.



For others hitting this issue: Some browsers show fonts at a larger width than Webkit’s rendering engine (which Hype uses). To resolve this, increase the width of your text boxes to avoid any text wrapping.


Hey Daniel,

Ya I tried that too (seemed like a likely solution) but it didn’t see to have any effect strangely enough.