Layout, responsive design and width advice / problems

Hello all,

Im looking for advice with working with layouts & responsive design and have some questions.

  1. is it best to ‘start’ with the largest canvas you wish to support (e.g. 1440 width) then add breakpoints for each smaller width such as 1280, 1024, 800, 600, 320 etc

  2. how do you get the effect shown in the hype demo (the Africa layout example) where the image auto-sizes? I created a test 1440px wide canvas then inserted a large (greater than the canvas width) image, added a breakpoint of 1280px then on that 1280 layout page re-centered the image and made it a tad smaller. When previewing the test hype file in chrome and safari it ‘snapped’ instantly to the 1280 layout without that dynamic ‘live’ rescaling (making smaller) of the image.

What am i doing wrong here?

  1. how does one created dynamic width objects e.g. rectangles with solid fill that take up 100% width verses specifying a fixed width in px?

Hi Julian,

Check the Scene inspector and look at the scale for layout sizes and also the Metrics inspector for the pinning and sizing and that should give you some insight :wink:


thanks for pointing me in that direction, I’m now trying to figure out how it works :flushed:

You can find more info about Flexible Layout here:

awesome thank you.

I love the Tumult community - people always happy to help but better than anything…always rapid to respond !!


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Sorry to be a dunce here but do you guys recommend your canvas starting at your maximum desired width then specifying lower breakpoints?

It depends a lot on the design, but I usually prefer to start large and work my way down. In general the largest size has all elements and things get simplified as the width gets smaller, so i find it more convenient to delete and reposition elements rather than having to add new elements.

ok cool thank you. Im still struggling here with the layouts but thanks for pointing me in the direction