Layout iPhone Landscape



is there a way to have a specific layout for iPhone / Mobile screens in landscape mode? i have used the 320 breakpoint in the layout panel, it loads fine in portrait … however its zooms in on the page when user turns device to landscape mode

i can add “rotate your device to view / load” however will this mess up landscape on the iPad breakpoint?

any recommendations for the iPhone landscape mode?

here is the link to view and have also attached the zip (619.5 KB)

(james koh) #2

i tried your work. i added a scene (breakpoint 568) and then changed the height to iPhone 5 preset scene size. it works fine. iphone_landscape (657.7 KB)


thanks james! that 568 breakpoint works great on the iPhone 5 & 6 for landscape, new hype pro is truly an amazing piece of software, still exploring and learning the new features and its capabilities for web gui

(strmiska) #4

you can test your designs without having any device on board.