Layout Grid On/Off Option in Customizable Toolbar for easier quicker access

  1. What do you want to see in Hype?

    Layout Grid On/Off Option in the Customizable Toolbar easier quicker front & center access.

  2. Have you found a workaround for this problem?

Just the traditional click on: View> Layout Grid> Hide Grid:

  1. Are there examples of other apps with this feature? Or, have you seen examples of this elsewhere on the web? (Please include a URL)

I created a mockup screenshots:

  1. How high of a priority is this for you?

I think I want to say it’s high priority given that many times I need to focus on the Scene Area Section when I press the play button on the timeline area without the distraction of the layout grid before sending it out for Previewing.

Just eliminates the number of clicks, the remembering keyboard shortcuts & keeps the option front & center. :slight_smile: (I wish my memory is good enough to remember more than a handful of keyboard shortcuts :smiley: )

[X] Nice to Have
[X] Important
[ ] Can’t use Hype without it

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Thanks for the request!

We had some internal mockups with this option and generally agree it is a good idea.