Layout bleed on iOS landscape

I am having an issue with elements in my layout being difficult to position for iOS landscape in iPhone. See below for a slightly ‘cropped’ view on page load:

When one rotates the screen to portrait (which is OK) and back to landscape so the toolbar vanishes and one has true ‘full-screen’ it looks fine.

Using Hype Reflect the landscape layout is slightly different and not cropped:

Notice that the vertical space between each element is slightly less so everything just fits. Clicking the full-screen button top right in this view expands the layout to be the same as that first loaded on an iPhone

So, what is the best way to ensure everything is on screen in landscape view on iOS with a toolbar visible?

There used to be a way to scroll down slightly to hide the toolbar, but that no longer works. It would be really nice if Apple would update their documentation, but for now your unfortunately limited to large toolbars unless the user has scrolled down, or unless they have added your page to their phone’s home screen. This page of our docs has info on options within Hype for creating ‘Home Screen Web Apps’. Checking ‘Home screen web app’ will encourage the document to be full screen when loaded from an iOS icon.