Layout and Custom Width

Hello all,

I want to minimize the amount of breakpoints/layouts I create in hype so instead creating a bunch of sizes I want to specify the by width - width value.

Im not sure if I can do this within hypes ui, though it might be a custom thing by way of scripting only.

Example: If the window width is in the ball park of 400-300px I would want show 300 width breakpoint? If the width is in the ballpark of 600-500px then I’d want to show 550px that is if I have the layout(s) created of course.

Update: I think I got it but I’m unsure if its whats need.

I can’t get you … :frowning: that might be a problem for the others here too …

nm got it. Sorry.

the description is very unclear for me. perhaps you can provide an examplefile …

I must second @h_classen it’s very unclear. But when I should guess…
Isn’t this what Hype is already doing? If you defined …
Layout A with breakpoint at 300px
Layout B with breakpoint at 600px

Shown in Hype:
A works from 300px to 600px
B works from 600px to ∞

As there is no Breakpoint below 300px Layout A is also show <300px

Reality (but trivial difference):
A works from 0px to 600px
B works from 600px to ∞

Hope this helps

Sorry guys, I can see how unclear it can get. I didn’t realize that this feature is already part of Hype’s Layouts until I created a layout and read underneath 46 PM

I guess I never paid attention to the small 970px to 1000px