Layers not in sync when resizing window size

(Adam Betts) #1

I’ve moved over to Hype Pro from Adobe Edge Animate a few weeks ago and am loving it a lot!

I’m struggling to solve a problem where a layer would get out of position sync when resizing window size. What I’m doing is set a background image to 100%/100% and a layer of iPhone screenshot (it’ll be animated) placed on top of iPhone (part of background):

I’ve tried some different ways in Hype and couldn’t get the screenshot to be in position sync with the background. I was able to do this in Edge Animate, see this for example:

Is this currently possible in Hype? I’m hoping to finish this project before tomorrow. Thanks.

(Adam Betts) #2

PS: Hype doc file if you’d like to take a look at it

(Jonathan Deutsch) #3

Unfortunately we’re missing a flexible layout mode to do that type of scaling (proportional placement and sizing). I’d like to add this in a future release.

The workaround is to scale the entire page; this can be done with the javascript found here:

(Adam Betts) #4

Ah, thanks for the reply. Looking forward to this feature sometime in the future release :smile:

(Hans-Gerd Claßen) #5

simple way would be to save the screens as transparent png’s of the same size as the bg-image.

(Markus Bjerre) #6

Works with a rectangle as well. Group them up and use the flexible layout on the group.