Layers And Multi-Animations

Is it possible having two layers with two animation like this ???

i am not sure there were using two layers.
but making two objects to have different animation is possible.
it is easy. not sure this is what you wanted. but here is link.
and my filemulti (16.2 KB)

Thank you!!!
A last question:
In my sample i have a square and a star into a circle, while the circle follow its path it rotate in infinite loop, is it possible, while picture are moving, rorate too ( like my sample)???

I’m sorry for my english!!!

In flash if I wanted to make a bird fly I would use a movie clip to create an animation which was self-contained and then I could place that in a scene and animate if along a path - using hype is a solution for this approach without resorting to an animated gif or video? Basically can I create something with its own timeline animation and then nest that timeline into another timeline (scene) ???

Symbols are a great way to do something like this. You could have the wings flap in a timeline in the symbol and then move the entire bird symbol in the scene. If you prefer not to use symbols you could also use groups to accomplish this. Just put the bird in a group and animate the wing animation inside the group and move the entire group (wings and all).

Similar to this walking example: Master/slave relationship in animation/timelines

Yes, you can move and rotate an object at the same time. If you use a motion path you can even check ‘Rotation Follows Motion Path’ to have the element rotate along the path.