Layer Offset and Reverse and Animation

  1. What do you want to see in Hype 5 maybe?
  • Layers Offset or "Stepping": To have the ability to select animated layers right click to get a contextual menu and offset their starting points seconds value within the timeline to get a step block animated pattern.

  • Reverse animated layers while retaining their position within the timeline via right click and getting a contextual menu on layers and clicking reverse.

  1. Have you found a workaround for this problem?

There is a workaround and it involves repositioning animated blocks, which can become a laborious process and can overwhelm users when they're dealing with many layers.

  1. How high of a priority is this for you?

I'll leave it to your discretion.

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Cool idea!

Echoing back, I think this would operate on animations (not elements) and given a selection you could choose to stagger ascending or descending and be able to select your offset.

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Indeed only animated layers, and of course what the user intended to start it from be it descending or bottom to top or ascending from top to bottom to take to an account.

Another idea: Bypassing the contextual menu all together and assigning command+shift left or right buttons to increase and decrease offsets in any direction within the timeline.

Enable Reverse or Disable, could just be as simple as assigning it to a “tab” or any button? Presently its drag in opposite ends then you have to remember where it was and have in mind the duration of that animation block thus a guessing game. Imagine for second if you’re working with many layers.

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Shift left/right is used for 1 second instead of one frame movements currently. Moving everything is definitely going to be more common than staggering.

But this would definitely go in a regular top-level menu (probably animation but I can see arguments for arrange), where you could use system preferences to assign your own shortcut.