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The majority of sites where Hype represents the only object on the page are built in Hype, exported (File > Export as HTML5 > Folder) and then the exported .html file and the resources folder are uploaded to the server -- with no Wordpress in the workflow. The files are uploaded to a web server with an FTP program and then the URL of the page is just a matter of visiting the name of the exported .html file on the server.

But since you already have a Wordpress site, you could use the Wordpress plugin for Hype: Tumult Hype Animations ā€“ WordPress plugin | Then you wouldn't need to use Filezilla.

Wordpress is great for blogging, content management, and creating a site. But if you only want to do your creation in Hype, then you won't need to use Wordpress. The plugin (linked above) is geared towards folks who have a site in which they want to incorporate Hype documents in the posts and pages. While it would work for creating pages that consist of only Hype documents, it's not necessary, since you're already familiar with Filezilla / hosting Hype documents on your server.