Large OAM fails uploading via Hype Animations Wordpress Plugin

I am trying to upload a big oam file - i’ve increased the memory limit using php options in the control panel but when I upload it it’s not generating shortcode - it’s doing weird things. see screenshot - it’s as if it regenerates the backend window again.

Is it much larger than your PHP upload limit?
How large is it?

You might want to export normally as HTML5 and insert the regular embed code in your Wordpress post or page to get around any server limits you’re hitting. Not sure why it’s reloading itself inside of the frame – I’ll try to reproduce this.

Hi Daniel. Yeah - I did that (uploaded by ftp) and got it to work with a normal embed but my video is glitchy sadly. I’m looking at hosting the video on vimeo instead - I want to use the hype player rather than embed though so I’m experimenting :slight_smile:

You could try uploading the video via FTP and use a regular HTML5 video embed within your project? That at least will let you continue to use the plugin for generating short codes.