Large file management - Avoiding duplicate JS functions

I have a large Hype file I am working on. There are a few large symbols in the file. The open and close of the rest of the symbols takes long (1-2 minutes) due to the presence of the large symbols.

Since I am not working on the large symbols at the moment, my idea was to create a copy of the file and then delete the larger symbols that I am NOT working on. Then, once my main file is ready, I can copy back the large deleted symbol and put them back inside the main file.

The problem with this approach is that it adds duplicate JS functions to the main file. Is there any method / hack around this -- whereby the large symbols which are copied back in, attach to the original JS functions and don't duplicate them?


There's not really a way to associate based on name during import. About the best flow would be to write the javascript in the head html and have the functions call to that.

You're welcome to send the documents to Performance is a focus for the next release, so it would be good if we could analyze what particular areas are causing issues to possibly fix. Thanks!

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Good idea! Thank you.

Will send the file on

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