Large art site built entirely with Hype on Gustav Klimt:

(julian) #1

I just launched a redesign of my site The site was done entirely in Hype, using one single file with 15 scenes.

iKlimt features the life and work of Austrian painter Gustav Klimt. I originally launched it 16 years ago using Flash, so it really needed an update. Let me know what you think.

Julian D.

(Freelancer) #2

Very nice! elegant and rich, the music is perfect!


This is really one of a kind, Julian. Thanks very much for sharing with us! I’m a huge fan of Klimt and have seen his work around the world, but never in such well designed and thoughtful period-based format!

(Peter Danckwerts) #4

Very, very nice. The music is Satie, of course. The SEO looks disastrous because most of the text isn’t visible to crawlers and yet your page rank is high.

(Peter Danckwerts) #5

PS: I love the music coming out of the gramophone!

(julian) #6

Yes, SEO is pretty bad. It was as bad before with Flash. But since it’s linked from tons of sites, plus is a very old site, it still has a good ranking in google. I need to look into SEO and Hype a bit more though.

(Freelancer) #7

Very beautiful site, @julian! Nice transitions and design. Very well done!

(Peter Bright) #8

My wife loves “The Kiss”. Great site Julian :wink:

(Ken Heins) #9

Beautiful, lots of creativity in the design!

(Claire Reika Wright) #10

Beautifully done Julian. Hype does seem to give a special feel to a website design.


Really inspiring to see your site!

(moshe_caine) #12

Absolutely beautiful! Elegant without being overdone.
Lovely controlled and simple use of dynamic and movement.
Smooth and fast loading.
Great job.

(julian) #13

Thank you for your kinds words!

Julian Damy


Great site! That’s why I hate to bring this up…you may have a spelling error on the second page under the "Life"directory second paragraph beginning with “The Klimts were very poor…”. The word “fequent” should be frequent.

(julian) #15

No, no, thanks for pointing it out!