Large art site built entirely with Hype on Gustav Klimt:

I just launched a redesign of my site The site was done entirely in Hype, using one single file with 15 scenes.

iKlimt features the life and work of Austrian painter Gustav Klimt. I originally launched it 16 years ago using Flash, so it really needed an update. Let me know what you think.

Julian D.


Very nice! elegant and rich, the music is perfect!

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This is really one of a kind, Julian. Thanks very much for sharing with us! I’m a huge fan of Klimt and have seen his work around the world, but never in such well designed and thoughtful period-based format!

Very, very nice. The music is Satie, of course. The SEO looks disastrous because most of the text isn’t visible to crawlers and yet your page rank is high.

PS: I love the music coming out of the gramophone!

Yes, SEO is pretty bad. It was as bad before with Flash. But since it’s linked from tons of sites, plus is a very old site, it still has a good ranking in google. I need to look into SEO and Hype a bit more though.

Very beautiful site, @julian! Nice transitions and design. Very well done!

My wife loves “The Kiss”. Great site Julian :wink:

Beautiful, lots of creativity in the design!

Beautifully done Julian. Hype does seem to give a special feel to a website design.

Really inspiring to see your site!

Absolutely beautiful! Elegant without being overdone.
Lovely controlled and simple use of dynamic and movement.
Smooth and fast loading.
Great job.

Thank you for your kinds words!

Julian Damy

Great site! That’s why I hate to bring this up…you may have a spelling error on the second page under the "Life"directory second paragraph beginning with “The Klimts were very poor…”. The word “fequent” should be frequent.

No, no, thanks for pointing it out!