Laravel Framework Email Form + HYPE interactive app to reduce SPAM

Well, hello! I wanted to mention something I had created here. Groundwork and reason - I have half a dozen application websites we manage (meaning websites that sell / promote the applications we write) and so as time marches on, I will try to implement this for all of them. For the moment, the very first one is for our corporate site which is - we get roughly 1300 email messages per week, most of them spam and this is even after we try to control the flow via ecapcha and honeypots. well, I grow tired of the email deletion process which started with me trying to be good and review everything to make sure a valid message wasn't getting in and ended with the brute force mass delete. what have i missed? i will never know.... so let me introduce to you 'berry bot' which is just a cute little cartoon face i am using next to 3 questions that must be answered before the email form is revealed, and then its business as usual. this is a chunk of HTML that builds the form which is already accessing my databases via laravel so I didnt have to do the code for that (like I did with the Labor Savings Calculator) and so I was pleased at how fast this came together. Since this is a lot of php framework stuff all tied in I am not posting examples, but you can get the gist from this image - and by the way, it populates the database and broadcasts to me just like it did before. I am so happy! Next step is to make it truly responsive, but for now its a good start


Nice! I'd be curious if a bit from now you follow up with if it helped :slight_smile:.

I know that some spam bots scan the page and just harvest the form action URLs. I've seen some (more primitive) solutions that add a hidden "honey pot" field that is required to be filled in, but wouldn't get filled in by bots. (Also in that regard, if you didn't already, it is probably a good idea to change/periodically change the valid submission URL).

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It's been a few days, and I have seen an immediate reduction in the amount of spam. I am very happy with the results so far!

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