Landing page for our literary game sample

We’ve got a new startup at an incubator in Sweden and we’re working on literary games that combine writing, film/animation and interactive puzzles. To sketch out our ideas we made a few prototypes in Hype, and now we’ve created a landing page to introduce our work and find people who like what we do and want to see more. Hey! Could that be you?

Landing page and the sample of our game in progress:

I made the entire site in Hype and should work on mobile as well, even the game sample section.

Will the final game look like this? No, it will probably be a lot more sophisticated—but we wanted to get something out there now so we can talk to people.

Any comments, questions, scathing critiques, wild rants or random replies are highly appreciated! And if anyone is interested I can share the Hype doc. Thanks Hype community!


This is really great, thanks for sharing Colin!

Just one tiny thing I’m seeing: There’s a scroll bar in the landing page bottom (right side). (You can avoid this by making the containing element larger, or disable scrolling by setting ‘content overflow’ to hidden in the Metrics inspector.

I’m definitely interested to see this progress so keep us posted!

Thanks, I missed that! It’s fixed now.

Very cool, I love visual fiction like this!

One UI suggestion might be to have the mouse downs show a highlight or have some effect to know that it was hit - since often the next transition has easing or can be subtle, it would help users know their action was effective.

Thanks Jonathan! The hit feedback is a great idea—I just updated the /play page with this effect.

Is there a clever way to do this in Hype? I just used CSS & JS.

Probably your solution is the easiest; there’s no built-in methods in Hype, so you’d probably do something like create an element, add a handler, and then drive an animation still with javascript after extracting the mouse positions.