Laggy animation with scalable scene

Hi there,

I have a Hype animation that I am pulling into an iframe. I have to have ‘scale’ ticked inside scene properties, as this allows it to scale correctly within the iframe. However, having the scale ticked messes up my animation and makes it look super janky.

Here’s the hype doc: (301.3 KB)

And this is how it’s appearing in browser:

I’ve fiddled with all the scale behaviour properties of my images, but the only thing that prevents this laggy animation is unchecking ‘scale’ on the scenes. Does anyone have any ideas what else could be causing this?

Thank you

Use pinning and a combination of scaling behaviour to get what you want. With pinning the animation runs smoother (I’m guessing because it has a basis of where to move from but don’t quote me on that @jonathan can probably give better information)

After doing this I also moved the elements up (left and right white) to compensate. (356.4 KB)

Thank you, DBear! That is much better. Appreciate it. I never usually use pinning as I found stretch works just the same. I will update all my other animations in this way.