Kursor.js and physics

After adding physics to object, custom cursor from kursor.js (https://lusaxweb.github.io/Kursor/) becomes glitchy in chrome/safari in firefox works smooth … any thoughts why?
kursor-js.zip (21.4 KB)

You may want to ask the author about that one… I find it is quite glitchy on Safari of the time, but quite bizarre in how it affects Chrome when there is a physics body set to static.

The difference with physics is that there will be a heartbeat (requestAnimationFrame) constantly running and potentially setting element properties. I don’t know why this would affect the library which seems to rely on mousemove events. Perhaps less events are coming through when there is a constant requestAnimationFrame call? I don’t know.

What’s weird is that the cursor can seemingly move up and down more smoothly than right to left.

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