KIOSK Developers... Which Hardware Used?

Greetings Hype.
We have created a 20 scene stand-alone kiosk project and are installing on an all-in-one 20" touchscreen Dell insperion PC to be delivered into a retail environment.

However, we have been unsuccessful in locking down any browser, (using the pre-installed Windows8 software) to set either IE, Chrome or Safari into a kiosk mode that can be locked down and will startup into the right scene, without the opportunity for little fingers to slide open the windows “Start” screen…

Curious if any other developers have come against this, and if there is a hardware/software package that has been a better fit? Or a windows upgrade perhaps that would facilitate a lock-out?

Thanks for your time and comments.

Might this help?

Hi DBear… just back off the road, and yes, this is helpful.
Thank you.