Kindle ebook publishing

I have finally gotten to the point where my largest Hype Children’s Book Project is nearing completion for publishing.
I have debated publishing in iBooks, converting to an App using Xcode and I also want to push it out on Amazon’s network.

While I have the iBook and App portion covered. Has anyone tried to make a book with animation in it for the Kindle?
I have found contradicting links that say you can and you can’t.
While I may have the non animated version in Kindle and Print and then make an app as an additional bonus for the app store, I would still love to keep the original intent of an animated ebook that works across multiple readers.

Thanks for any insight And Happy New Year!

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Ha ha. Over the weekend I wrote to Tumult basically asking the same thing. The iBook Widgets that Hype can create are great, but do they work in anything other than iBooks?

I came upon this article which outlines the capabilities of the different readers:

The key chart for this topic:

I can tell you that the moment one of these other platforms develops a packaging system for deploying HTML/CSS/JS animations we’ll dig right in!

One promising tool is the Kindle Textbook creator in Beta: The tool is meant for audio/video & mathematic equations, and seems built around the conversion from PDF --> Kindle Format (.mobi).

If Amazon were to support the .wdgt package in some form, they’d make a lot of people very happy.

Once when I said ‘HTML only works on iBooks’, I was quickly corrected and sent a link to Readium. For schools that deploy Chromebooks, this is a good tool for reading books.

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Another tool worth keeping your eye on is ‘Atlas’ by O’reilly:

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The various Kindle formats are terrible. It is hard to see Amazon ever supporting anything useful. Just adding a clickable URL is a major headache in fixed layout because it relies on Region Magnification and JSON. Region Magnification is unusable as part of a normal paragraph because it expects the whole paragraph to be the area.

Thanks for this!
I would love it if they would make the .wdgt format available for Kindle.
If their device could handle the files I would think it would be a major advantage for sales.
I think my best direction for the moment is going to be Hype to iBooks Author and a “no feature” Kindle version.
The nice thing is this title should hold it’s own without the animation but it won’t be nearly as fun :frowning:

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