Keyframe for Order

I am currently making an interactive pie chart within Hype. When you hover over a section, it expands and a drop shadow fades in to make it look like it is elevated about the rest of the sections. The only section where this is possible is whichever section is in the forefront. With all the other sections, at least one side of the drop shadow will be covered by a section in front of it. There are other fixes that I am working with, but it’s a pain. It would be so much easier if you could use keyframes to switch the order of elements… Is this possible?

Have a look at setting up timeline actions that call a javascript.

Have a look at :smile:


In :

I am not in front of My own Mac at the Mo. and cannot remember if this can be changed in the inspectors. ( I think not)

Also her is an example using it:

Perfect, thanks Mark!

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