Keyframe creation & value setting in Timeline

Hello to All!

I’ve searched the Forum for the following Feature Requests & came up empty. If I’ve missed something please advise. The following are intended to reduce repetitive mouse motions, which on large projects featuring hundreds or thousands of elements to be manipulated is very tiring - constantly darting all over the interface.

1) To double-click (or click with a modifier key) directly in the Timeline to manually create a keyframe for a property at a particular time.

This is particularly useful on a wide screen and the keyframe creation is happening on the right side. Simply scrolling that part of the timeline closer to the current keyframe creation tool is not a solution because You often need to see the part of the timeline leading up to the section You are working on. I also understand there are recording options - but that still involves mouse movements and is not always the right tool for the need.

2) Additionally, to be able to scrub the values for the “Opacity” property in the timeline with the mouse using a modifier key.

Changing opacity is a very common task that could be made more efficient.

Select a keyframe (mouse down) in the Timeline in the “Opacity” property for an element, then holding down the optionKey and dragging to the left or right of the keyframe indicator to set the opacity value. There would not need to be a visible interface on the timeline itself - the “Element” panel’s “Opacity” field would register the changing values.

Thanks for the requests - I’ve long wanted to improve manipulation of keyframes from the timeline like this… (the trick is avoiding too much clutter).

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