Keyboard Shortcuts

(Rob) #1

Creating animations, menus, buttons etc. in Hype necessarily involves a lot of repetitive tasks. This has been improved a lot with the introduction of Symbols (which I love!) but one thing that would definitely make a huge difference would be introducing more keyboard shortcuts for common actions. I see that there are already keyboard commands for the animation controls, but it would be useful to have others for things like: Inserting a timeline action; Adding a specific action to a selected element (Mouse Click, Mouse Over, etc); Inserting Elements & Symbols; Adjust Color / Font; etc.

Even more winning would be a customizable key command map, similar to that found in apps like Final Cut, Logic, Photoshop, etc. Some people might find some keyboard shortcuts more necessary than others, depending on what they use the software for, so the ability to assign your own keyboard shortcuts would be a great timesaver.

A bit of a whimsical request, I know, but still something I would love :slight_smile:

(stephen) #2

Great suggestion! I’ll see what I can do in an future update.

(Mark R. Johnson) #3

I second that… customizable shortcuts are a lifesaver when you have a plethera of apps to work with on a daily basis.

(stephen) #4

In the meantime you can accomplish some custom shortcuts by using OS X’s built in Custom Shortcuts by going to System Preferences->Keyboard->Shortcuts. This allows you to customize the shortcut for any menu item.


This thread covers a quick way to change your shortcuts: Changing Hypes Zoom Quick Keys