Keyboard shortcut for moving elements with arrow keys

Any easy way to get from the layers window to the main, edit window?

I just want to be able to click a layer, then move it with the cursor keys.



unfortunately you have to click on the element after you’ve chosen it to be able to move it with the cursor keys.


Damn! No ‘switch window’ shortcut? ><

I’m using a Wacom and every time I click on an element it budges unintentially, then I have to undo and try again… so … sloooowww

Tumult! Any chance you can look at this?

We decreased the sensitivity of the initial move in our upcoming version of Hype so a couple pixels during the click won’t actually move the object! Coming soon :smile:.

As for a shortcut to change the focus to the scene editor… Are there other apps you use that do this? If so, what are they and what keyboard shortcut do they use?


Just had a look at this.

You can select the element in the layer column.
Then use the menu Edit->Edit Element.

This selects the element in the scene window.

You then hit escape. And you now have a normal selected element.

You possibly could make a Automator Service that does this and then give it a hotkey in the Services Preferences of the System Preferences.

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So just done that and it works ok.

In Automator open a new ’ Services’ document

And set it up like this.

The Applescript Code:

activate application "Hype2"
delay 0.5
tell application "System Events"
	key code 53 using {control down} -- escape key + control
	delay 0.5
	key code 53
end tell

Save it.

Then got to System preferences ->Keyboard - Shortcuts. -> App Shortcuts

Add a new entry and select Hype as the Application.

Enter the Menu:

Edit Element

And give it the hot key:

crtl +esc

Now go to System preferences ->Keyboard - Shortcuts. -> Services

Go down to the bottom and find your service. Give it a hotkey.

Mine is :

crtl +§


mind blown.

(note: it won’t work for video, groups, and symbols as those don’t allow inner html editing)

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I just test edit on a group. ( By the way it’s was the ‘Edit Element’ Not ‘Edit Element innerHTML’ :smile:)

And it worked. Then realised no, the shortcut does not work as you say with groups etc.
But even better, you can forget all of the setup I did above above.

It seems you just need to select your element in the layer column.
Then just hit .esc ( no set up of short cuts needed).

Or any other key that will make the layer column lose focus.

This way also works for Groups and the rest.

On a Wacom you may still want to set a shortcut up. As the esc key may mean something else. But I suspect not.

Ha, that’s funny. It seems to require a long press. Looks like a happy accident in our code :smile:.

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A great one… as this was bugging me as well… :smile:

Guys, this is so awesome, thanks!

Jonathan - re. your initial question - it’s pretty standard in most apps that once I select a layer I can move it with the cursors (e.g. Photoshop, Sketch).

In Sketch e.g., I select a layer, can move it straight away. If I want to select the next layer I ‘tab’ through them.

But thanks so much, Mark - your ‘escape’ key tip will save me hours of pissing around getting between the windows! Stick it in the manual, Jonathan!

Ah, that is interesting that sketch does not use arrow keys for navigation in their table view. Pretty non-standard for a Mac app. Thanks!

Definitely works though! Can you even use the keyboard to switch between layers in Photoshop?

The ESC key did not work for me. I use a Wacom tablet, if that matters?

I’m a hardcore After Effects user. There you always nudge objects with the arrow keys. For going up and down in selection between layers you use the CMD + Up/Down. You move the layers order with ALT + CMD + Up/Down.

Would suggest doing the same!

Pretty much every graphic app uses arrow keys for 1 px nudging all 4 directions (shift+arrow = 1o px). That’s the standard. Moving up and down layers menu with keys is less typical. Sketch:

  1. When cursor is on stage – uses Command + click
  2. When you select layer from the menu, arrow keys still move object.

Without this I have to spend 5-6 times longer to fine tune the design in Hype.

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Thanks for the feedback. We’re following typical focus (clicking on a layer give the element list focus), but I can definitely see that perhaps we should still allow the arrows to move in some sort of case like this.


Although using esc key or using a second click on the element to then be able to use the arrow keys to move the element works. I must admit I do find it awkward.

Allowing the arrow keys to adjust the element while the layer is selected would work much better. I rarely need to use the arrows to move through the layer list.

Well, 2 months later and it’s still not there. In order to move a 4x4 px element on the page I have to zoom to 400%, then move it, then zoom out to 100%. or do the esc dance. And I have many such elements. This makes the UI unusable for me. PLEASE, consider using arrow keys for moving elements on the stage. Nobody needs to move up and down the timeline menu with them.


And Thank You! @MarkHunte for the esc key shortcut workaround. This issue has been a real workflow annoyance.