Keeping file size down to the bare minimum

What are the best practices for reducing files size so that the web pages will easily load on a mobile device away from wifi?

Also, looking for any assistance with the 30 plus pixels padding on my hype animation embedded in Avada.

It shows up on mobile. I have set all of the padding to zero both globally and on the page. I am wondering if there is a hype setting I should be setting differently?

Here’s a guide to getting documents to load quicker:

It looks like images are the key thing to look into for this document (the below report was generated by Lighthouse, which is the Audit tab in Chrome dev tools). More info here:

You should create a layout for smaller devices that shows a smaller version of this image.

That looks like it is here:


#main,.fusion-footer-copyright-area,.fusion-footer-widget-area,.fusion-page-title-bar,.fusion-secondary-header,.fusion-sliding-bar-position-bottom .fusion-sliding-bar,.fusion-sliding-bar-position-top .fusion-sliding-bar,.header-v4 #small-nav,.header-v5 #small-nav,.sticky-header .sticky-shadow,.tfs-slider .slide-content-container {
    padding-left: 30px;
    padding-right: 30px;
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Wow! Thanks a lot man!!! Love Tumult!!!