Keeping elements synced in breakpoints

(Hrishikesh Kokate) #1

I created a webpage in Hype (at 1200px) and now, its responsive layout (420px). I needed to add another element and use JS to hide and show an element based on certain conditions. So, I added the element in 420px layout, set the element ID, used JS and I was done, until I switched to1200px to edit its layout in that breakpoint, but, saw that the element wasn’t there. I went ahead and created the element again in 1200px, but, now, I can’t use the same element ID. I don’t have much problems in assigning another element ID and modifying the JS, but, I feel that this should not be like this? Any way around it?


In this situation, it’s best to use classes to identify multiple elements. Since elements in layouts are unique dom Elements you’ll need to give them a class. Here’s an example:

(Hrishikesh Kokate) #3

Yeah, that’s a workaround. But, since adding a new layout keeps all the elements present at that time, I thought, when adding a new element to the existing breakpoint, should get added to all the breakpoints, because we can anyways hide them if we don’t need them.

Thanks for the solution, anyways.