Just published 2 new interactive children's books on iBooks

Just wanted to tell everyone about the two new children’s books I published on iBooks. I used iBooks Author and did the story portion using Tumult Hype. I also used Hype to do some of the activity pages. Love Hype for this project, was easy to use and to format into the widgets I needed for iBooks Author.
The only problem I had was trying to do the jigsaw puzzles. I know there must be a way to accomplish this in Hype but had no luck. Used Bookry for that widget. If anyone has a youtube video explaining this process please let me know.
Check out this link to see what I did…
www.cefathecat.com/interactive-books.html. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
Thanks to all for your help along the way. Now am going to start on another set of children’s books.


It’s not so easy to make a Jigsaw Puzzle with Hype, as the collision shapes are all convex – rectangles, squares, ovals, circles, rounded rectangles.

The closest I got so far was with a slide puzzle, which is in A Book About Hype – which was created with iBooks Author and Hype.

Awesome! Congratulations! I will check them out on the Apple Store. May be, you can post some of the things you did using Hype - can inspire others. Thank you and good luck with your next project.

I had a lot of fun and some agro using Hype until I got the hang of it.

I did my story pages in Hype using the scenes feature to turn the pages. I just discovered how to make the narration stop when turning a page before the voice over is complete. Hype will always be a learning experience. Every time I use it I learn something new.

I also did a few activity pages in Hype. I would love to figure out how to click items in place, if that is even possible, in Hype. For example I had shapes in black solid and in colors and want them moved on top of each other. It would have been nice if they would click into place when they were correct. Anyone out there can help with this?

Would appreciate any comments and/or suggestions.

Catonpub Cris,

If you used scenes for story pages, is your ibook itself a widget placed in an ibook ‘holder’ so to speak?


What I did is format my entire story in Hype - 14 pages - using scenes.
Then saved it as a widget. I did one with audio and one without audio. I
put these two widgets into my iBooks Author formatted book.

If you want to peak inside the book go to my website www.cefathecat.com
(the interactive books page) and click on the iBooks link. It will take
you to my iBook page and you should be able to see a sample of the inside
of the book. It has a few pages so you can get an idea.

I just uploaded a newer version because I didn’t know how to stop the audio
when changing pages and just figured that out. I hope that you are able to
look at the latest version. If not keep in mind that that little bug is

If you do that let me know what you think.



Is it not possible to place a set of null objects in the target locations, use JS to track the proximity of a puzzle piece and then, when it is at a certain distance from the related null object, trigger a timeline to snap the piece into place? I’m not a JS guy but if I were using Lingo, that would be my approach.

I’m just discovering Hype, but just saw a tutorial where they group all the shapes and then toggle lock the whole group. Not sure is that is what you are looking for.

I noticed that you also have the book listed in Amazon and Google Play. Did you export them from iBooks Author?

Hype 4 is a dramatic improvement. It now can create actual (well, digital) Jigsaw puzzles. The template is finally online...

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