Jumping to the next scene at a time point

I am new to Hype. I want an ellipse to move quickly from one position to another at the 6-second mark. Unfortunately, it moves slowly over the entire 6 seconds. Is there a way to make the movement instantaneous.

If not, I can create a new scene with the movement completed, but how do I have the animation move to the new scene automatically (no user event) at the 6-second mark?


to shorten the duration of an element animation block drag the edges of the bloc to a desired second amount.
to have the animation go to a new scene to drop an action at any point in the timeline example 6 seconds by double clicking and choosing Jump to Scene 03%20PM

Hi Chuck!

Attached is a method of instantly moving an element at a precise moment on the timeline.
(In your example: 6 seconds.)

Hype Demo: EllipseTimingFunction.hype.zip (11.7 KB)

With the “ellipse” selected You would place a keyframe for the “Origin Left” property (or whatever property) at the starting position in the Timeline (“0” seconds in the demo). Do the same for the “Origin Left” property at the 6 second mark. (Please see Fig.1.)

Note 1: Always place your keyframe before setting the desired property.

Double-click the blue bar joining the two endpoints then choose “Instant” from the timing function pop-up.

Note 2: You can make any of the timing functions the default choice by clicking on the “gear” at the bottom left of the timing function pop-up to make that the “default” setting. (Please see Fig.2.)


Fig.2 - Timing function pop-up