Jumping to a new scene

I created a hamburger menu icon that fades from 50% to 100% when you mouse over and mouse out. I made the animation a symbol and imported it to my main website scene. I then wanted the menu icon to jump from scene one to scene 2 on mousedown. It does that just fine but scene two has its own menu. No matter what I do I can not get scene 2 to start playing. I have menu items animating down from the top which lasts about a second.

I deleted the animated sequence in scene two and wanted the menu items to show on frame one of scene two but now it is playing the animation on scene two as if it were cached somewhere. I cleared the cache on my browser and even ran it in Safari and it did the same thing. Is there a way to flush the cache within hype?

There is too much for us to assume and guess at about your set up.

Can you post the symbol file so we can see what it is doing and any main site details that would help us help you.

Thanks Mark… I deleted the scene and added a new one and now it is working. I did have one crash while switching to scenes and maybe that corrupted the file. It’s working now.

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