Jumping iFrames (mobile)

(info9r) #1

Hi forum. This topic is about iFrame content (text/movies)
which is “jumping” when using mobile swipe functions.
(thumb up and down movement for scrolling the page)

Example: A page holds iFrame content and the user likes
to further scroll down on a mobile phone. Mostly iFrames
will move up or down …but not the page content itself.
What can be done to nail iFrames, the jumping content
is really irritating for mobile (smartphone) users.

Sticking (transparent) rectangle layers on top of iFrames
does not help with its jumping behavior.

(strmiska) #2

i just was googling the same. i get one trick for native apps on ios.
in the head put: `


but this is only working in xcode/phongap. i´m also looking for using something similar in safari, chrom, firefox.