Jumping display from one image to another in many-image set

I’m a newcomer to Hype. Is there any way in that I can create an animation project like this? (1) import a set of static images (many images – hundreds); (2) open the user view at the first image; by user interaction (mouse or tap) jump instantly to display another specific image from the set; (3) by user interaction jump to another specific image from the set (backwards or forwards); (4) and so on, indefinitely. Think of the whole thing as like jumping from frame to frame of a decomposed video back and forward without ever letting the timeline run free (though no actual video is involved).

I did this is Flash/Javascript years ago in a previous existence, but that project is long dead.

Any help much appreciated.


Your description sounds like a slideshow. Do a search for “slideshow” on this Forum and You will get lots of hits… at least one of the topics in the search results should cover your request.

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Thanks for that, JimScott. It’s not really a slideshow, but you’re right, it uses the same sort of logic, so that was really helpful.

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