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(Trey Yancy) #23

Thanks again for all your help. I am missing a lot of the shorthand here, which makes it tough to figure out what goes where. How do I associate the code with the arrow element? Place it where?

Unfortunately, the tweaked document that you provided does not work.

Based on my experience with other languages, you drop in some code that loads with the document, you apply a tag a specific target, then you attach a script to the trigger object that points at that tagged object. Clicking on a button to insert HTML is straightforward, as is assigning an ID to the target. Attaching the trigger script is confusing me. This gets more complex with relative layouts.

(Andrew) #24

It works fine here. I have just retested it and no problem at all. No errors in console and scrolls when i click the top button.

Not sure what you are doing different, how are you testing it ?

(Trey Yancy) #25

I opened it in Hype and did a preview in Safari. I would click on the up arrow and nothing would happen. Perhaps you could resend it.

Beyond having a solution to this specific problem, I need to figure out the integration of Hype and JS. I know it is not all that difficult.


(Andrew) #26

It was not the arrow, but the button. The top button, in the drop down, on the 480 layout scrolls down to the PattsHorz section

scrollBlinds.hype.zip (1.4 MB)

(Trey Yancy) #27

So the script looks at the ID of the button and inserts "scroll_"before that ID name and looks for an object with the ID of “scroll_(whatever)”.

That is one of the missing pieces that makes sense of the whole thing. It took a bit of figuring to work this out.

Thanks again.

(Trey Yancy) #28

For my future reference, I have created a diagram. Is this correct as shown?

PDF diagram

(skalalo) #29

thank you ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

(Matthew kennedy) #30

does anyone know a page of doing this but on page load? so the page loads at the bottom. you then scroll up.



I answered - what I believe is the same question You are asking here - in your original post:

(Alex) #32

what does unique ID means? how to do that?

Also, I found that you did that in your official online document:

for example: http://tumult.com/hype/documentation/3.0/#responsive-layouts

and you used :#responsive-layouts

is that same way with what you mean? how did you make the left navigation menu please.




By ‘Unique Element ID’ I mean this field in the Identity Inspector:

41 PM

That was built by taking advantage of a JavaScript tool called ‘Tocify’ which takes headers in regular HTML and generates a table of contents for you and creates links. Some more info on that in this post.