Jump menu linking to scenes won't work in Chrome

Works fine in Firefox and IE, but not in Chrome for some reason. Any ideas?

I’ve tried exporting under all the chrome compatibility options (9, 12, 44, Latest) with no luck

<select name="menu1" onChange="MM_jumpMenu('parent',this,0)">
<option value="#" onclick="HYPE.documents['compact_map'].showSceneNamed('Alaska',HYPE.documents['compact_map'].kSceneTransitionInstant);">Alaska</option>

Example attached
Example.zip (332.7 KB)

Do you see any console errors? I recommend testing this on the domain you’re planning on deploying on since Chrome can be a stickler about cross domain Javascript calls. Since you’re running this on the local file system different rules will apply, perhaps some rules that only Chrome is enforcing.

In your document you have a lot of file URLs based on the file protocol so you should fix those.

file:///ssovol2/GROUP/EXEC/DATA/Website/inscom/zz_sandbox/filename.jpg should just be zz_sandbox/filename.jpg if possible