JSON file not found on server

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I am testing out a project on my museum’s server and a JSON file that is in my resource folder appears to be not found when I upload the exported files.

I have exported the Hype file by clicking on “Export as HTML 5” - “Folder”. Then I uploaded all of the files just as they are onto the server. But then I get an error on the console “jquery-1.12.1.min-2.js:4 GET http://semtribe.com/museumapps/museumcollection/Kiosk.hyperesources/ObjectList715.JSON 404 (Not Found)”. I then double check that the files exists on the right folder and it is there! When I find it through the web address I get the 404 error…… but the file is there.

I had read on the forum that if special characters exist on a file the server may not read it at all. Could this be the problem and how can I fix it without having to manually change everything as I am sure it will continue to happen because my colleagues will create a JSON file from a csv file obtained from a database with these characters.

The template I made is too large to send through the forum even when deleting the pictures to save space. I am sure the Hype doc will be helpful so if you need it what is the best method to share it?

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If you can’t load it normally through its URL, then jQuery will also not be able to find it: http://semtribe.com/museumapps/museumcollection/Kiosk.hyperesources/ObjectList715.JSON

You may want to check the CHMOD / permissions for that file. If you’re using a Ftp transfer program, you can ctrl + click on the file and click ‘Info’ or ‘Permissions’ – make sure that file allows ‘read’ from the ‘World’. 755 should be fine for this file. These instructions may help: http://simplepie.org/wiki/faq/file_permissions

The best way to share really large files with us is using Dropbox. Or, Filedropper or Mega.nz.

Thank you Daniel! I checked the permissions and it wasn’t the right one. Now it works like a dream!

Thank you again

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