JS Developer required to fix postmessage function (send 'complete' message) to an elearning topic (Adapt) in an iframe

Hi, I'm an elearning designer/developer however I have very little Javascript skills.
My main developments don't require Javascript knowledge using the range of elearning tools I have.
I have a client who is using the Adapt authoring tool as their main development tool which comes with a limited set of templated interactions. I want to offer them small engaging animations/interactions through the iframe plugin (which comes with Adapt) to try and raise the engagement bar a little. I have decided to use Hype with html5 output to build these animations/interactions as it seems to be a good fit for me.
The issue I have is triggering topic 'complete' in the course from the Hype interaction sitting in the iframe.
I have had their Adapt provider modify the clients iframe plugin to look for a postmessage 'complete' which is working with a simple html page containing the required javascipt postmessage the Adapt provider is expecting in the iframe.
I now I need to get a Hype html5 package to successfully send a 'complete' message to the parent iframe.
I have had a go creating a simple Hype package containing the simple javascript function. The package loads in the course iframe and interacts however the button with the postmessage javascript does not trigger the complete in the parent iframe topic. I'm guessing the window/frame relationship is more complex between Adapt iframe/Hype html5 than Adapt iframe/simple html page.
I'm looking for a Javascript/Hype developer that can investigate the relationship between the iframe parent (which is only looking for one specific message) and the hype html5 sitting in the iframe. The Adapt course sits on the client's Learning Management System server and the Hype html5 content sits on my web server. I can provide access to an Adapt package with a setup iframe on an LMS as required for testing.

Once I have a working solution I'm hopefully that I simply reuse the same working postmessage JS function in my Hype interactions/animations.

Trevor White-Miller

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Could you provide us with the files so we can also dive in?

Hi Bendora,

Can I just be clear about what you mean by 'so we can also dive in'. Are you wanting to see the files before saying if you can help as a paid freelancer or do you mean something else?
I can provide:

  • a simple hype file containing my button and javascript function to trigger 'complete',
  • a SCORM package from Adapt containing the iframe parent
  • the simple html page which works
  • instructions from Adapt provider on the postmessage solution (from the client side

I can also include access to an LMS with the SCORM course package if that helps.

What to you require from the above

Hi Carter,

You can reach me at whitemiller@btinternet.com