.jpeg vs .png vs .svg with Hype 3.0


Hi guys,

Any best practices when using image files with Hype 3.0?
Every time I insert multiple .jpg images vs a .svg images and then preview in a browser, my screen tends to flicker in clamshell mode and in laptop mode more often than not when there are animations involved.
I’ve found that working with .svg files, that my screens don’t flicker as much.
Am I doing anything wrong?
Any help is greatly appreciated.
Here’s my setup with 21:9 LG Monitor:



Can you share an example document and let me know what browser you’re testing in? SVG files will require slightly less video memory than JPEGs.

  • JPEGs are preferable for bitmaps & photographs

  • PNGs are great for bitmaps when you require transparency. When optimized using a tool like Imageoptim, these can become very small images.

  • SVGs are ideal for vectors