Jonathan's Day Off


I see You are taking it easy this weekend… I believe I counted :five::zero: some replies by You in the last 24 hours.

Amazing. Thank You and all of Team Tumult for taking the time to share your always valuable insights on Hype. I’ve never encountered this level of engagement by a developer displayed so continuously, thoughtfully and with such integrity. :thumbsup:



Haha, well between the work for the release of v3.6, a trip to Asia, and getting sick the past couple weeks I fell far behind in keeping track with what was going on in the forums - this is just a batch catch up job :slight_smile:! I wouldn’t want to leave users stranded or have bug reports/feature requests go unnoticed…

In reality, most posts I just read through and didn’t need to do anything for - you had already provided the solution! And often going beyond generosity with code! So it is really you and many of the other amazing folks on this forum that deserve our appreciation. :thumbsup:.