Joining dots with lines

I am interested in getting information on how to connect dots dragging the lines as shown in the attached image. I have composed the elements in a canvas in Hype and I am trying to make the code to connect the dots whether I move the elements or not, but I am finding it difficult.
Do you know of anything done in Hype to copy or to get ideas please, thanks!

The solution to this problem, if I understand it correctly, is to use a vector line like this:

You can scale it correctly by including the image and any lines in a scene container and scaling them as a unit as shown in this demo file: (174.0 KB)

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Hello, the connection should be dragging the lines with the mouse...

That kind of user interface will require some original JavaScript coding - it isn't an existing feature of Hype.

Sure someone has done drag lines some where on forum?

But you may be able to animate each vector and then control the timeline on drag