Jerky scroll on mobile

Hi Huys,

please have a look at

On mobile the home page test area scrolling is not fluent.

What am I missing here please ?


Steve Warby

There’s probably a couple things. First note that the nice iOS-style scrolling isn’t the default behavior; there’s a -webkit CSS property to achieve this. So I would:

  1. For each scrollable group element, add a class name in the Identity Inspector (like “scrollgroup”)
  2. In your Head HTML <style> tag, use this class to specify the needed property:
.scrollgroup {
    -webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch;

Additionally there are some resources that you have that are quite large in file size and dimensions. You may want to think about reducing their size.

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Thanks Johnathon for the info,

I added the code and reduce some I,age file sizes and it seems to run very smoothly.


Steve Warby

It looks like there’s still a few images which area really large: