Jerky (not smooth) transition

(faruk) #1

Dear Hype users,
I have done an animation that the a large picture slowly swipe to right and left.
However the transition is not smooth on some browser with slow connection.
Any idea to fix this? Thanks (380.8 KB)

(Dennis van Leeuwen) #2

Hello Faruk,

I remember the problem. It’s the slow parts take make the animation feel/look jagged. I would test around and make your own Bézier Curve Timings. It takes time and practice, Faruk. Also try to make an elastic effect on the middle start/middle/end. It could erase the stuttering also.

I’ve added one. It is similar to the standard one. But just a tad difference. Seems to slide better on Chrome.

You can also look on the Internet and see what other are using for curves. A good start is at our friends at Greensock.

Here is your index.html with the Smooth Bézier Curve. (428.7 KB)

Small Question: are you going to set these Widgets to Overflow? It’s weird to see these scrollbars.

(faruk) #3

Hi Bendora,

It was very helpful and thanks for your time.
About your question:
Sorry, I am not sure I understood your question about widgets.


I think @bendora was referring to the ‘content overflow’ setting, which hides scrollbars for elements that have content that extends beyond the element’s border:

(Dennis van Leeuwen) #5

@daniel thinks correct. +1 Like for him.

(faruk) #6

Sorry being late for respond. Thank you both very much for your help. I appreciate :slight_smile: