Jerky (not smooth) transition

Dear Hype users,
I have done an animation that the a large picture slowly swipe to right and left.
However the transition is not smooth on some browser with slow connection.
Any idea to fix this? Thanks (380.8 KB)

Hello Faruk,

I remember the problem. It’s the slow parts take make the animation feel/look jagged. I would test around and make your own Bézier Curve Timings. It takes time and practice, Faruk. Also try to make an elastic effect on the middle start/middle/end. It could erase the stuttering also.

I’ve added one. It is similar to the standard one. But just a tad difference. Seems to slide better on Chrome.

You can also look on the Internet and see what other are using for curves. A good start is at our friends at Greensock.

Here is your index.html with the Smooth Bézier Curve. (428.7 KB)

Small Question: are you going to set these Widgets to Overflow? It’s weird to see these scrollbars.

Hi Bendora,

It was very helpful and thanks for your time.
About your question:
Sorry, I am not sure I understood your question about widgets.

I think @bendora was referring to the ‘content overflow’ setting, which hides scrollbars for elements that have content that extends beyond the element’s border:

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@daniel thinks correct. +1 Like for him.

Sorry being late for respond. Thank you both very much for your help. I appreciate :slight_smile: