Jerky animation in IE when panning a JPG


I have a bug appearing with jerky animations appearing whilst moving JPGs around the canvas.

Its a Billboard banner 970x250 and the background image is slowly moving left to right and zooming in slightly over 10 seconds, in all browsers it looks smooth except for Internet Explorer where it is stuttering and looks like its running at 2 frames per second.

I have unticked the ‘Position with CSS left/top’ option so it should be exporting as CSS Translate instead - should this be fixing the problem because its not going away?

Can anyone help as I thought Hype was optimised for producing animations for all browsers?

Demo file is here: (49.6 KB)

Right now, the best workaround you can do is add a 1 degree Z rotation to the slow-moving element, and that will trigger IE’s alternate render mode to smoothly move the element.

Unfortunately browsers change how they choose render modes from time-to-time leading to issues in output. We have a partial fix for this issue, but are still working on an acceptable solution for some cases of scaling.